Our Service contains the following complete range of work:

Installation, commissioning and on-site service
Our service team assists and supports you during commissioning and start-up phase of our products at site. Besides a detailed product training, also further information regarding normal operation, trouble shooting, maintenance and service are provided.
The efficient operation of our VACOMASS
® control system requires a fine tuning of control parameters after start-up of the system in the sewage treatment plant. Based on specific local conditions, the basic control parameters must be checked and adapted during the initial months of operation.

Check of instruments at site / in Ulm
In general, the checking of instruments can be done in Ulm, but some of our products can also be checked at site.  Our experienced service technicians will usually bring a set of all usual spare and wearing parts to the sites for direct replacement. All ATEX-instruments can only be checked and investigated in Ulm.

Check of calibration/ Re-calibration at site / in Ulm
In general, gas flow meter of the COMBIMASS
® series are not subjected to wear and tear. It can be useful under some circumstances (e.g. installation in corrosive/abrasive gas media) or if the nature of the project requires from time to time some check (e.g. CDM, high requirements on accuracy, etc), calibration of the flow sensors can be checked periodically. If there are no specific requirements on intervals of check of calibration, they should be chosen in such a way that there is no significant change of the measured data. The setting of the interval is made by the customer while Binder can only give a recommendation. Also standard papers, guidelines or laws can determine the time interval.
Gas analyzer of the COMBIMASS
® series require a recalibration periodically, if high accuracy should be maintained over a long period. Depending on the frequency of use, gas concentrations and the requirements on accuracy, the interval can range between a month and a year.

Maintenance and replacement of wearing parts respectively modules
at site / in Ulm

Gas analyzer instruments and measuring systems of COMBIMASS® series require periodic maintenance and replacement of wearing parts to keep accuracy at a high level. Binder offers special maintenance contracts which include a regular replacement of wearing parts. During the time of service and repair, Binder offers a supply of a spare analyzer. Without any maintenance contract, the service interval is then chosen by the customer.

Repair at site / in Ulm
When a repair is really necessary, the work will be performed quickly and competently. Special valves and/ or ATEX-certified instruments can only be checked and repaired in Ulm or at the original manufacturer (INSTRUM, FAIRCHILD, CASHCO, …). In such cases, we recommend to first ask for a cost and time estimation.

Training / Seminars / Lectures / Presentations
We take part in numerous conferences and seminars as well as give lectures on different topics. Furthermore we offer trainings of operation staff regarding operation and maintenance of our products. Just ask us for more details.

For service work
For a quick diagnosis and repair, we need to know the following:

  • your repair order (with a technical contact person)
  • a precise description of the defect (if available, with photos and measurement logs)
  • certificate of decontamination

Please send back the flow meter together with the protection tube, otherwise the sensor pins can get damaged.

For the return of defective instruments, please fill up the "Certificate of decontamination" and send it back together with the instrument. If you have any question regarding proper transportation of the instruments, please ask for further details.