Gas Analysis
The portable biogas analyzer, analyzer station and systems of the COMBIMASS® series supplement as a further component the existing gas flow meter series. Both are used in the field of sewer gas, landfill gas and biogas.  There are however also special instruments like e.g. mobile detectors for the analysis of the CO2 concentration for finding hidden persons or animals in closed areas such as containers, lorries and cars available. 

Beside portable analyzer instruments (with max. 7 different gas channels) there are also two different types of analyzer stations available: the Docking Station GA-s as a „2-in-1“-solution (portable use of the analyzer instrument possible) or the modular Analyzer Station GA-s Click! (all main components are fitted into DIN-rail modules, so maintenance and service work at site becomes very easy beside high grade of availability).
Combining COMBIMASS® Gas Flow Meter with information from Gas Analysis the accuracy can be improved when methane concentration is changing by time.

COMBIMASS® Portable Gas Analyzer GA-m
The new series of extremely robust, maintenance-poor, ATEX certified and efficient portable measuring instruments represents a milestone in the development of mobile gas analyzers. Due to easy to service structure, with modules plug-in and user replaceable battery packs, the systems can be extended at any time and upgraded to the newest technology.  All common requirements of the analysis of fermentation gas, sewer gas and dump gas from landfills are optimally fulfilled.
The data can be stored measuring sampling point-referred and can be read out to the PC via USB-connection. Servicing contracts with supply of spare devices ensure an availability of 365 days in the year.
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COMBIMASS® Gas Analyzer Station GA-s
The portable instrument can be put into the COMBIMASS® Docking station GA-s and realize a “2-in-1-solution”. Gas composition can be determined at up to 13 gas sampling points successively. Furthermore the signals of up to 13 COMBIMASS® Biogas Flow Meter of eco-bio+ series can be read in and corrected by actual gas composition (flow meter calibration is done only for a fixed gas composition).
Using further probes for temperature or dew point, the dry gas flow can be calculated in the SPC. These data are used for the control of the efficiency of cogenerators.
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COMBIMASS® Gas Analyzer Station GA-s Click!
The Analyzer Station GA-s Click! is a completely modular system and represents thus a simple however very effective solution for on-line fermentation gas analysis. A system with high reliability, simple maintenance and expandabilities was developed. The station gas Click! permits the users a higher flexibility compared with conventional on-line gas analysis systems. A typical GA-s Click! installation contains all necessary components like various gas analysis cells, pumps, filters and single solenoid valves implemented in DIN-rail modules. Since they have a certain life cycle time, the modules must be examined and exchanged after a certain time during regular maintenance. The entire life cycle time with minimum operating interrupts and few service visits only increases. All basis maintenance work can be accomplished locally by a qualified electrician electronics engineer.
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