COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid
Gas Analyzer Station

  • Plastic cabinet for wall-mounting with SPC and 4.3” display module for the indoor-installation in a safe area, 24 VDC, admission for the analyzer GA-m/ GA-e and further gas modules on DIN-rail, external power supply box
  • Analysis with sampling cycles/ continuously (CH4, CO2, O2)
  • Gas analysis of two gas streams, four analog input for two flow meter signals as well as two temperature/ humidity sensors
  • Automatic compensation of the gas flow signal by actual biogas composition and/or humidity (if integrated)
  • Multilingual menu guidance: Operation through touch screen or using 6 keys


The analyzer station COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid can integrate all types of portable analyzer instruments of the COMBIMASS® GA-m/ GA-e series in combination with gas modules of the GA-s hybrid series. So COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid analyzer system can even operate as a „2-in-1-solution“. A cheaper alternative could be the analyzer type GA-e, which cannot be used for portable measurements (but with same advantages regarding service and maintenance) because it doesn´t contain a battery and a pump.

Alternatively or additionally several single gas modules of the hybrid series, mounted on DIN-rails, can be used which cannot be fitted into a GA-m.  This improves the flexibility regarding gases, analysis technologies and operation ranges. Gas circles can be built up parallel, so various gas streams can be analyzed at the same time and continuously. Beside typical IR-technology and electrochemical sensors even paramagnetic and heat conductivity sensors can be used too.

So a stationary analysis of oxygen for process control and safety (with a second parallel gas module incl. plausibility checks) becomes possible by using a paramagnetic cell as well as high hydrogen concentrations up to 30 Vol.-% can be analyzed by using a heat conductivity technology.

The pump and solenoid valves inside the cabinet enable a quasi-stationary analysis from different gas sampling points. If one sampling point is used only, also a stationary analysis with one set of gas modules is possible.  Data and alarms can be stored internally or transferred to the main PLC using various standard interfaces. Further optional telecommunication modules can realize an external access to the data or can be used for functional tests and/ or maintenance diagnosis. An “alife”-signals can be sent via GSM/GPRS to a host server as an option. An uninterruptable power supply unit can keep analysis running and send out an alarm signal, even if normal power supply is interrupted.   

Pressure and temperature of the inner cabinet and the gas streams are monitored. Additional modules for continuous control of operation and plausibility check can be supplied to increase manipulation-safety.

The gas cells and modules can be recalibrated in the cabinet. So long-time accuracy of analysis is kept at a high level. Beside manual calibration mode also an auto-calibration mode is available. A hardware key or a software version with password functionality can be used to lock configuration settings.

Special Features analyzer station COMBIMASS® GA-s hybrid

  • Analysis station expansion for up to 13 gas measuring points in one cabinet
  • 7” graphic display with history function and diagrams
  • Manual / automatic recalibration of the gas cells and modules
  • Feedback of the analysis gas into the process possible
  • Analog signals for further flow meter or temperature/ humidity sensors can be read in and evaluated
  • Automatic compensation of the humidity using a temperature or dewpoint sensor
  • Efficient data transmission via Ethernet Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU using RS485, Analog signals 4-20 mA or professional bus DP as options available
  • External access via GS/ GPRS for data transmission, maintenance check, life-bit transmission as an option
  • Data storage on USB-stick possible as an option
  • Monitoring and plausibility check of gas parameters
  • Definition of limit values possible, which release individual alarms or a common alarm using potential-free relays
  • Implementation of LEL-room control possible
  • Changes of configuration at the measuring program using a code switch possible
  • Special cabinets for outdoor installation, for mounting on a rack, material of the cabinet can be stainless steel, a UPS can be integrated