VACOMASS®  calibration

  • Calibration takes into account the installation layout, flow  profile and direction, pressure and temperature in a closed calibration loop in the Binder Calibration Laboratory or in an external DAkkS accredited DIN ISO 17025 test laboratory
  • Adjustment is using calibrated standards
  • Simulation of plant piping is possible by installing up to 12 meters of original pipes in the calibration loop


ACOMASS®  calibration

VACOMASS®  calibration

Calibration is a decisive success factor in the application of highly developed systems for the measurement and control of gases. To ensure best possible measurement and control accuracy, each VACOMASS® air distribution system or component is precisely calibrated in the CAMASS® Calibration Laboratory by simulating the actual operating conditions. Calibration can also be done in an external DAkkS accredited laboratory at customer request.

As opposed to liquid media, the properties of gaseous fluids are to a large degree a function of operating conditions, gas composition and actual flow conditions in the pipe. Neglect of these factors can lead to serious limitations of the measurement accuracy.

VACOMASS® calibration is the coordination and integration of all of the individual components of a system through simulation of actual plant conditions in the CAMASS® calibration lab:

6 calibration levels are available:

Level 1: Whenever sufficient straight pipe runs are available, the VACOMASS® flow meter receives the standard, plant specific calibration. Process and operating conditions such as installation details, flow conditions, pressure, temperature and gas composition are taken into consideration. This ensures high measurement accuracy.

Level 2: For installations with insufficient straight pipe runs, the VACOMASS® flow meter is calibrated together with the diaphragm control valve or jet control valve as a compact unit. A flow profile correction (stroke compensation) can be integrated directly in the VACOMASS® flexcontrol or the VACOMASS® flow meter AL100, as needed.

Level 3: For especially difficult installations, the VACOMASS® flow meter together with the VACOMASS® control valve are installed and calibrated in a 1:1 scale reconstruction of the original piping in the CAMASS® calibration lab.

Level 4: If pulsation is a factor, the VACOMASS® flow meter is installed directly downstream of a flow conditioner, and they are calibrated as a compact unit.

Level 5: Calibration is done according to a pre-determined protocol on a DAkkS accredited test stand with instruments that are calibrated and traced by the PTB.

Level 6: In tight installations with insufficient straight pipe runs the measurement accuracy can be improved by a multi-sensor system. The calibration of the VACOMASS® flow meter multi is based on the application.