German Biogas Association
The German Biogas Association unites operators, manufacturers and design companies, representatives of science and research as well as interested people from all German country. Since its establishment in the year 1992 the federation had been developed to Europe strongest organization within the biogas range (with more than 4,400 members). The Biogas Association supports the member by intensive political activities on federal and regional level to intensify the use of biogas technologies. Beyond that the Association promotes exchange of experience and information in the fermentation gas range.
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DWA-ATV – German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste Industry
The German Association of Water, Wastewater and Waste Industry (DWA) is working actively on the development of a safe and lasting water and waste system. The DWA fulfils solely and directly non-profit making purposes.  The DWA has resolved to promote the water and waste management and to bring together the specialists working in this field. The approximately 14,000 members represent specialists and executives from municipalities, universities, engineering offices, authorities and companies.
Main activities are preparing and updating the DWA standards and engaging in national and international cooperation to draft special standards. This work does not only refer to technical and scientific issues, but also to the economic and legal aspects of environmental and water protection.
Almost 1,500 experts serving in more than 10 main committees with 250 special committees and working groups have cooperated to compile the DWA rules and standards.
Binder Group is working actively in the working group for complete reorganization of the DWA paper M264 „Gas flow measurements on waste water treatment plants “.
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GWP - German Water Partnership
Improving water supply and sanitation in developing and emerging countries and helping to avoid water crises - these are two areas in which the German water management sector can help to find solutions and contribute to the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG).
German Water Partnership is both an operational headquarters for companies and research institutes of the German water sector and a contact point for international enquiries. It also presents the wide range of products, services and innovations offered by German water industry.
GWP looks forward to transferring this efficiency and high standard in water treatment and management to any region in the world that needs help solving the present and future water problems, including those caused or aggravated by climate change, population growth and desertification. With the help of a joint platform, the partners can communicate, exchange their experiences, and pool the potential of specialized German water management suppliers.
The initiative forms part of the Federal Government's High-Tech Strategy, the initiative for "Ecological Industry Policy" of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, the development policy measures of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and the foreign trade policy measures of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.
Binder Group works actively in the China Group, one of the main markets within the range improvement of operation of sewage treatment plants. Robert Binder is the Vice Manager of the Group.
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HART Communication Foundation
Founded in 1993, the HART Communication Foundation, an international, not-for-profit, membership organization, is the technology owner and central authority on the HART Protocol. The Foundation manages and controls the Protocol standards including new technology developments and enhancements.
The primary focus for all Foundation activities is to advance the application of HART technology, strengthen its position in the global market, and help users maximize the value of their smart instrumentation investments.
Today, the Foundation is supported by more than 220 of the world’s leading process automation suppliers around the world.
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