Binder Group is working internationally in the range of measuring
and control equipment. Binder Group is active in the different process
engineering markets and specialized in gas flow only.


Binder GmbH has been manufacturing for many years thermal dispersion
gas flow meter in Germany. Every instrument gets a calibration in our
CAMASS® Calibration Lab taking real application details in consideration.
Based on implementation of further electronic modules and gas analyzer
instruments the product families COMBIMASS® and VACOMASS® could
get developed and can be supplied worldwide.

INSTRUM GmbH manufactures pressure control valves, flow limiter and further safety instruments to protect explosively, corrosively and/or more
sterilely processes with inert gases. Automatic mechanical controllers,  independently working from auxiliary energy, can be used for tank blanketing, inertising and sterilization.

BETA BV manufactures for more than 30 years in The Netherlands high-quality pressure switches, hydraulic pressure switches, vacuum pressure switches, difference pressure switches and temperature switches, which can be used in nearly all industries due to high number of models. They work save and reliable even at high over pressure, if shocks and vibrations occur and without any shift of the set-point. 


Binder Engineering Companies are highly specialized partner for sales and
distribution of all Binder and Instrum products. They advise competently and
founded around all topics and ranges. Start-up and local service ensure a
high customer satisfaction.